Now announcing, MATTER IN FLUX,
fourth annual call for readers and members.

Apply via email to with a one page pdf by November 1, 2022. Participants will be notified via email by if selected. This year we are inviting up to 10 new members to join the group, marking a wide expansion of the study group and our activities.

MATTER IN FLUX emerged in 2018 as an educational and knowledge building axis attached to The World in Which We Occur (TWWWO). We are a group of artists, curators, theorists, and health practitioners dedicated to critical analysis, sociological inquiry, debate, and collective writing. Inherent to our group’s research line and interrogative approach are: politically enmeshed scientific affairs in ecological politics and policy, economies of transition, history of science, material studies, and feminist ecopoetics.

MATTER IN FLUX is currently led by Jennifer Teets, convener, in collaboration with group members. It is premised on the notion that in order to respond to emergent political and ecological challenges we need to broaden our channels of exchange. Research, reading, and analysis requires time, and in the current work panorama which most of us co-inhabit today there is seldom enough of it. Establishing modes of inquiry can lead to a better understanding of our world and how we can step back and reflect. Posing questions also helps us to observe, and meditate on, how our environments are mutating, under which circumstances, while triggering steps for future action.

Our intention is that the MATTER IN FLUX online study group will probe these conditions. Broadly, it will look at the history of materiality and examine the scientific criteria that sets matter into motion, so as to grant agency to social inquiry and conceptual labor. MATTER IN FLUX pays particular attention to language, form, and fluidity in material politics, metabolic transactions, and various degrees of ‘trans species and trans material transformation’. Fiction, poetry, and literary theory play a fundamental role in our group and study. MATTER IN FLUX writes collectively and produces text work for exhibition and publication; engages in self organized online writing intensives scheduled at different periods across the year.

So far we’ve hosted author Esther Leslie, theorist and filmmaker Elizabeth K. Povinelli, life sciences historian Barbara Orland, sociologist Tim Ingold, writer Elvia Wilk, philosopher Michael Marder, human geographer Kai Bosworth, writer Anne Boyer, anthropologist Eben Kirksey, artist Laurie Palmer, etc, to present their research and engage with a literary text of their choice.

In 2020, we exhibited at CAC, Vilnius and led two intensives around the work of epidemiologist Rob Wallace and theorist Sylvia Federici in addition to our usual activities. In 2021 we released Electric Brine published by Archive Books featuring writers and poets Dionne Brand, Barbara Orland, Sophie Lewis, Esther Leslie, Hannah Landecker, and Lisa Robertson. Read this interview to learn more.

We are currently exploring the possibility of touchdown events in different art and research centers. Dates and partners will be announced soon.

Please write to by November 1, 2022 to express your interest in joining the group by responding to the question below. Also, send a description of yourself in one sentence (your engagement with cultural inquiry or your research aims). You are not required to be a specialist of the drafted themes to participate in the group. However, you should express a capacity to tease apart the concepts at hand with intellectual rigor, aptitude, and passion. If you have a question about the group, please send an email, we are eager to hear from you.

If you could predict your death, would you want to?
In your description please consider biomarkers, vulnerability, advanced knowledges, and technocratic juggernauts. Feel free to embrace fiction, ficto-critique or hard science in your response.

Application to MATTER IN FLUX is designed for anyone interested in the concerns outlined in this call, encouraging diverse approaches to research methodologies that stretch beyond typical academic profiling. Participants are expected to commit to all sessions. Please only apply if you can commit!

Current members are:
Jennifer Teets (Texas/Paris @jenniferlinnieteets), Catherine Borra (UK, @catherineborra), Willa Smart (Davis, California @wllasmrt), Heather Anne Halpert (NYC, @lightasafender), Georgia Sagri (Athens, @georgiasagri), Ana María López Gómez (Amsterdam), Claire Pentecost (Chicago, @comrade_panda), Eduardo Makoszay (Mexico City, @eduardomakoszaymayen), Ruth Höflich (Melbourne, @nomadicslowaction), Pip Wallis (Berlin, @pip_wallis)